Is a Japanese word which when translated means finger pressure. It has existed for as long as man has found that touch has a healing effect. In its present day form shiatsu is based on the concepts of oriental medicine with integrated concepts of Western psychology and bodywork.
Shiatsu uses the power of touch to enable each of us to contact our own self-healing abilities. It is a non-invasive body treatment incorporating the same meridians as used in acupuncture. The therapist uses this meridian system to access the body's energy system. This is done with finger, hand and sometimes knee and elbow pressure plus appropriate stretching and loosening techniques.
A Shiatsu treatment is a deeply relaxing experience and at the same time invigorating.
A treatment usually takes about an hour and is performed on a futon with giver and receiver fully clothed.
It is an ideal method for people experiencing stress or stress related problems, neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches, migraine, digestive or urinary system problems, menstrual problems, disrupted sleep patterns and emotional problems

Shin Tai/Shen Shiatsu

Is an expanded practice of shiatsu. It was first conceived by Saul Goodman and subsequently developed by Joerg Schurpf into Shen Shiatsu. In essence it successfully integrates and uses concepts and treatment modalities from both western and eastern medicine.
Its methodology springs directly from the definition of the human being as a multi-dimensional, multi-structural entity.
In order to positively influence energy it is necessary to work at that level of body structure which in the moment will bring the greatest benefits to the receiver. In order to do this the discipline of ShinTai/Shen Shiatsu integrates the use of energetic, fascia, cranio-sacral, osteopathtic and chiropractic technique. The application of these techniques is specifically tailored to the immediate needs of the receiver






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